our long history since 1993.

In the early nineties

of the 20th century the demo scene was a very lively, busy and exciting adventure. It was when productions were still distributed on disks by snail mail through whole Europe. The Internet was almost unknown to the masses back then.

1993, Decca and Rackler were two swappers concerned with this old way of swapping their material, distributing the productions of their groups Supplex and Absolute and building relations with other groups. But they weren't too satisfied with their groups anymore, just as some pals from their environment. Eventually they got together about this and suddenly the idea for founding Lego was born.

The name "Lego" however appeared first on a brainstorming session of Decca and Sire at Decca's place, searching for possible names for the new group, when Sire spotted a box with the Lego logo on it in the corner of the room. He thought aloud: well, why don't we call ourselves just "Lego"? It stands for creativity and technology somehow, has the same vocals as "demo" and is also similar to "melon" or "lemon", which were two fancy groups of the time. It seemed to be a witty allusion. And witty the trademark style of this little bunch of fellows should become, too.

Lego is ontologically not unlike computers. This is to say that a computer by itself is, well, nothing. Computers only become something when given a specific application. Ditto Lego.
Douglas Coupland

Party IV: We are born First it was planned to develop a trackmo as debut production until The Party IV, in the meantime the initial staff of members was hired, but then the time turned out to be not sufficient for completion, so shortly before the party began, just a few days, it was decided to put together a little 40k intro in a rush based on some silly jokes. Bailey drew some ready code out of the box and Sire created the necessary gfx as well as the happy tune which became rather well known, just like the intro it promoted. It got 4th place on TP4's Amiga intro compo. Later in the Eurocharts it even climbed up to the 2nd place. To spread the new name, the intro was accompanied by another tune by Sire in the Amiga music compo and a cool picture Rodney contributed to the Graphics compo which he even called "Lego!" to get the message through on the big screen.

Good reviews were earned as well for the next production: "Never liked Uno", a slide show with pictures from Fade One, who especially joined from Masque. With these two initial hot shots the fame of Lego was established.

Another 40k intro was then released the next year on the Assembly in Helsinki, called "Full Frontal Nudity", again done by Bailey and Sire, with Tron contributing a little guest part (in revanche to Sire's guest part in Tron's Sanity demo "Boggledop").

Shortly after this a new member joining wave occured: Raw Style and Sol came from Polka Brothers and Nose from Jetset, where he was together with the former two earlier. Raw Style and Sol then made yet another intro called "Boom" together with Sire and won 1st place with it on the BlackBox Symposium, a predecessor of the famous Mekka/Symposium party series.

An animation demo project called "Cosmonautic Jazz" based on some ideas from Sire gets delayed more and more, and on a SCALA meeting Sire starts throwing together the pieces which should a few days later make up the psychedelic trip "Fawn Tear", Lego's first actual production in the demo category. It ends with a announcement for Cosmonautic Jazz which should be "soon all over Europe". Not to soon it was then...

Twice releases his technically sophisticated eight channel tracker software called "Art Of Noise", short AON, later commercially released as "Chorus". It came with some quite unique features on top of the very good eight channel engine, as for example a basic FM-synth, a drum sequencer and more.

The sound disk project "Legolize It" remains unfinished. Top notch musician Chromag joins nevertheless.

Mekka/Symposium party place For the MS (Mekka/Symposium) 97 and 98 Lego produces the official invitation intros. Lego members Raw Style, Decca, Sire and Sol participate in the organisation of this one of the most famous and most appreciated demo party series ever.

Finally Cosmonautic Jazz gets released on MS 2k-1, now looking totally different than initially envisioned by Sire. Only the animation raster engine and the name is the same. Instead of showing video sequences and a visual psalm 23 interpretation it now became an old school demo effects hommage.

Well, since then the first new incident is the launch of this ten year anniversary web site.

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