the credits for this site.

  • Concept, idea, maindesign and html
  • LHAs and ADFs in the release-section
  • Most of the cliparts
  • Project organisation
  • Most of the infotexts
  • Some PHP-Stuff

  • Additional design, html and ideas
  • Rendered Lego brick
  • Capturing and creation of the DivX-Movies in the release-section
  • Design and some screenshots in the release-section
  • Author of the legoclub-history in the history-section

Rest of the gang:
  • Raw Style: some screenshots in the release-section
  • KB / Farbrausch: pictures of Sire, Decca, Raw Style
  • Rackler: pictures of Bailey, Rackler, Twilight, Doc Holiday
    Rodney and Maximilian
  • Rackler: infotexts for Twilight, Doc Holiday and Fade One
  • Raw Style: PHP-Formmailer
  • Bullet: picture of Bullet
  • Decca: picture of Twice and Trooper
  • DSN: picture of DSN
  • VCC Entertainment: picture of Sol
  • Fade One: picture of Fade One ;-)
  • Nose: picture of Nose

The tools:
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