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some bricks fly out to:

Polka Brothers, Avena, Noisedrift, Scala,
Farbrausch, Elitegroup, MekkaSymposium,
FAN, Smash Designs, Padua, Hybris/Nemesis,
Breakpoint, Oxyron, Bugx, Pandemonium,
Essence, T.E.K., Virtual Dreams, Supplex,
TRSI, Evoke, Cubic Team, Absolute!, Lemon.,
Cascada, Wildfire Crew, and all we forgot;

lego | the best toys ever made

breakpoint | ultimate multi platform demo party
wildfire | famous german demo group
tkscript | Twice's superb script system
pouet | very cool online demo site
ideology | Rackler's innovative net music label
farbrausch | mediahyped demogroup
soundtracker | Raw Style's tracker for linux
amiga in a box | amiga emulator package
We are kind of an artistic fan club and in no way affiliated with the official Lego Group / Billund. We picked the name for our non-commercial project because it stands for freedom of creativity and the power of vision. This is the reason why we call it like this famous bloxel (=block element). Please contact us first before you contact a lawyer, thank you.
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