some people that left since 1993.
RODNEY (graphician)
Just as many other founding members, Rodney joined also from Absolute. As the only swedish guy in Lego, the opportunities to meet each other were limited to parties like e.g. The Party 3. Because of his loneliness, he later left for TBL (The Black Lotus), where he got together with more swedish people and made some cool demos with them.

FADE ONE (graphician)

After he did alot of great works for Masque/Trsi, Fade One surprisingly decided to become a member of the Brick-Club. The release of the "Never Liked Uno"-Slideshow is still in many sceners minds. Later he teamed up with Essence and then left the Scene.

Fade One
CHROMAG (musician)
Top notch musician Chromag entered our boat from Dual Crew - Shining. It was planned to release a huge sounddisk with all Lego musicians called "Legolize It". But the release was delayed and in the meantime Chromag found new, closer friends in Haujobb and later left for them.


Maximilian was kind of a coding friend to Bailey. Before Lego he was in Prime and was called Skate Rat. When he joined us, he changed his handle to Maximilian. We tried to release a 40K Intro with him, but it didn't quite worked out. He later unofficially quit through inactivity.

TROOPER (sysop)
Troopers key to the bricks was his quite famous BBS Lost Carrier. As we in Lego had no kewl WHQ, he joined and LC became "legos binary toy shop". But our support for the BBS was very limited, because we had no real traders and so he later moved on to the guys from Essence.

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