some other releases since 1993.
  Not Again! | Trackmo | AGA | SCALA-Meeting (1994)  
  Not Again code: argon & crash / complex,
crazy crack / complex,
chaos / sanity
graphics: fashion / static bytes,
agent t / avena,
sire & dsn
music: tommy / avena

DMS (680KB) ADF (612KB) DivX (21MB)
  Roy Black, Redemption & Hartcorevibes | Intros | AGA | April 1995  
  Roy Black, Redemption & Hartcorevibes
code: raw style
graphics: ben e. / shrimps
music: raw style

three strange intros made in one week.

LHA (517KB) ADF (554KB) DivX (53MB)
  Secret Members | Demo | AGA | Nexus Party (1995)  
  Secret Members code: chaos / independent,
crash / complex,
tron / sanity
graphics: sire
music: sire

Made 2nd place in the demo competition.

LHA (744KB) ADF (741KB) DivX (10MB)
  Elke - Toilet Flush EP | Musicdisk | AGA | 4th May 1997  
code: raw style
graphics: sol
music: raw style & ronny / teklords
remixes: vesuri / da jormas,
skyphos / artwork,
and a lot more...

LHA (1.6MB) no ADF DivX (28MB)
  Equalize it | Musicdisk | PC | 24th December 2003  
  Equalize it

compiling: twice (hermes)
graphics: dsn
music: various, famous
c64 musicians

ZIP (864KB) no ADF no DivX
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